Reviews – For Skeptics

Let me start by saying that, generally speaking, I am what is known as a skeptic. More often than not, I rely on solid, empirical evidence before I’ll commit myself to something. So, when I found myself with some serious chronic back and hip pain, chiropractic was NOT the first place I turned. After exhausting my other options (which mostly consisted of being on painkillers and/or simply dealing with long-term discomfort), I went to Dr. Green at Ashby Chiropractic. Dr. Green REALLY listened to my concerns and skepticism, and even referred me to an X-ray technician so that I could get a full set of pictures taken before beginning my treatment.

Dr. Green has worked wonders on my back and hip, relieving my pain and getting me to a point where I only need to see him occasionally to maintain my results. I highly recommend him, even for non-believers!
– Rick Starbuck

I’ve never believed in chiropractic. Not only was I mildly skeptical of it, but even once I heard about people whose “lives had been changed” by chiro, I figured it only worked for those in chronic pain with severe back issues. But apparently not so. Dr. Matt Green was pretty amazing, and also made it a point to not do any crazy chiro cracking that I had expected. His moves were directed, yet smooth and gentle and the office experience in general was very comforting. I honestly can’t recommend him or them enough and when I hear someone talking about pain issues, I find myself wanting to immediately give them Dr. Matt Green’s info!
– Danny Ronen

Dr. Matt Green really set me straight. I’d never been to a Chiropractor before. I was a little scared and a little skeptical. But right away I knew I was in good hands and I’ve felt so much better since I started seeing him on a regular basis.
– Arthur Dembling

Dr. Matt Green…his very presence is uplifting. I like to call him ‘Dr. Feel Good’. Each and every visit, I leave his office feeling crystal clear, wide awake, energized, strong and fully empowered.
As a doctor of chiropractic care and massage therapy; Dr. Green is incredibly skilled, deeply knowledgeable, open, honest, and passionately committed to health and well-being.

Whether you are a ‘chiro-skeptic’ like me (ask him about MyoVision!), or just want a taste of what it’s like to feel totally great, I highly recommend you pay this man a visit!
– Casey Jeppesen

I will tell you I was always afraid of the idea of a chiropractor. I assumed that once I started I would have to keep going for the rest of my life. Locked in. then I got into a car accident that 2 years later I was still feeling pain from. I finally broke down and saw Dr. Matt. He took care of my pain in less then two months. I recommend him to everyone. He really is a master of his trade, and funny too.
– Kerri Naslund

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