Healing Plantar Fasciitis / Feet / Ankles Reviews

If chiropractic is your game, Dr. Green is the name.

I have seen Dr. Green at least ten times now (I think). Every time I’m there, I’m impressed and surprised again by how masterful his technique is. He just seems to get my body to behave the way it’s supposed to, whether it wants to or not.

Plus, he seems to know how to fix anything. I’ve seen other practitioners about my knees and ankles and have never had satisfactory results, while Dr. Green was all over it. And, he did ultrasound on my shoulder when it was hurting so much I could barely move. It felt really good and helped so much. I didn’t even know you could use sound like that.

And what a bonus that he’s really friendly and funny. I look forward to going there just to catch up.
Whether you need a chiropractor or not, you should go see Dr. Green.
– Kati Bartlett

I am a woman of a certain age and have been seeing Dr. Green regularly for a year now. One of the best things about Dr. Green is that not only can he quickly fix the usual — neck, back, hip — which is what many good chiropractors can, but he can also clear the sinuses with his amazing cranial massage and can address ankle, feet, and Achilles’ tendon problems. He often tells me about the new course he has taken, what he has learned, and what will work for me. A great and versatile chiropractor!
– Milena M.

As a yoga teacher, I know my body really well, yet some things I can’t get to by myself, so I go to see Dr. Green. His work is clear and gentle, like he’s just dropping the bones back into place. He’s been especially great with my feet, clearing away the early signs of plantar fasciitis. Plus, he listens well, both to me and my body. So grateful to have him! Try him first.
– David Shlussel

Dr. Matt cured my plantar fasciitis. I was trying several different things but it kept bothering me. One treatment with Dr. Matt and it’s never come back. His magic hands broke all that crap up and it’s been ever since. I would’ve never thought that a chiropractor would be able to take care of my feet
– Steve H.