Safe and Gentle

“Dr. Matt has a gentle touch when it comes to chiropractic care. You don’t even know you are getting adjusted. He is highly knowledgeable about the body and how to take care of it in between adjustments. And after you feel so fantastic that you know this is essential for your health that you want to go back regularly.”
January 26, 2011
– Alara Castelle

I’ve got a lot of back to take care of, and Matt has been really mindful and helpful in restoring mobility to that spine o’ mine. He’s an attentive listener and a gentle and steady adjuster. He has another marvelous skill: I’m a musician and his special treatment of my precious paws is worth the price of admission!
– Patrice Haan

I would like to strongly recommend Dr. Green. I read somewhere that all gentle touch is firm and all firm touch is gentle, This is the experience I have with this chiropractor. I also enjoy that he takes the time to see the whole picture and the way that my spine health fits into that. Working with him has relieved my migraines. I play the violin and feel hope that in working with him practice and performance will continue to be less painful.
– Suzanne Green

Dr. Matt Green examined my spine and without even asking me where my problem areas were, he zeroed in on all of my trouble spots. His gentle adjustments left me feeling terrific. As I was pulling my car out of the parking place in front of his office, I turned to look back and found that for the first time in quite a while my neck would turn easily without pain. Thanks!
– Dave J.

Dr. Matt Green is a fantastic Chiropractor who I highly recommend. He really listens to you and your body to help with whatever pain you are feeling. His adjustments are painless and he is very gentle. He creates a very safe space where you know you will always be taken care of when you are on his table.

What’s a bonus about Dr. Matt Green is his personality and his zest for life. He brings humor and charisma to his work, which is always a joy to be around during those times of pain.
– Alara Castelle

Dr. Matt Green is a great chiropractor. After a 6 year career in massage therapy, he moved on to chiropractic, and his combined background makes his treatments especially effective. He is safe, gentle, and communicates well w/ patients. I’ve been seeing him for 6 months and have noticed a difference in my well being!
– Cynthia Blumgart

Matt Green is AWESOME! He is really bright and sees the big picture of my spine! My spine and especially my neck feels really safe in his hands and this is the first time I’ve had adjustments that didn’t scare me. I’ve only been going for a few weeks but already feel a lot better.
– Sandra M